Endless wouldn’t have been Endless if we did not continue to move on where we left off.

But where were we and why did this happen? We launched our first collection in the summer of 2018,the EFTC Black and White T’s. We’ve received some good feedback.Major love to you guys. 

Unfortunately due to some private, but good circumstances, there had to be decisions & priorities to be made.

It has been a challenge to create balance between the work, the dream and a new private life.

That being said there was still a little spark dreaming to be a star. 2 years later and the dream is still there ready to be picked up. We pick up where we left off.

Because you’ve only failed if you stop doing what you love.

What are your unfinished dreams?

The progress

So we head back to the drawing table. Starting from scratch and picking up were we left off. 

It started with brainstorm sessions, moodboards, searching online for suppliers and getting inspirerd by others. The progress had kicked of but we aren’t still there yet. Podcasts with inspiring stories kept us going, knowing that we wanted to create something to what everybody can relates to. A timeless design with a hidden message.